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The following samples are designed for print.

Your Thumbs Up
article print

Through research and an interview with one of the entertainment industry's quirkier critics, I have the lexicon of film criticism and why it leaves so many readers jaded.

Beyond Snapshots
article print

This article provides an introduction to photography for technical writers as well as a buying guide for inexpensive digital cameras. It is formatted in the style of a popular magazine.

From Pastime to Primetime
article illustration print science

The history of television has always interested me. In this sample of science writing, I explored the simultaneous invention of television and the corporate battle that took place over its development in the U.S.

Magazines Go Multiplatform
article print

Advances in Internet technology and competition for new audiences has caused a movement towards electronic publication replacing print. In this article, I explore the new techniques publishers are using.

VW: Replacing headlight bulbs
documentation instruction print

This sample section is both a revision and a supplement to the original manufacturer's supplied owner's manual. Its intended use is for an owner with an intermediate level of auto maintenance skill.

Sanyo Rice Cooker Quick Reference Card
instruction print

Quick reference cards are great for kitchen convenience. This one is designed to fit in with the recipe cards while being easy to spot and water repellent.

Emory Eye Center Poster
illustration print

For Emory Eye Center's donor workshops, I created a design that served as both poster and one-sheet that evoked the feel of an eye chart. I also designed a flow chart that demonstrates the donation process.

IBM "Dancing the Code"
illustration print

For IBM's Ultimedia publication I created a caricature illustration for Carole Jackson's article about programming for multimedia applications.