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Tom Baker wore several scarves during his seven series as the Doctor. Each one had its own unique characteristics. Select the links above for detailed information about each scarf including patterns, knitting specifications and yarn suggestions. There are also sections featuring the history of the design, tips for scarf construction, a gallery of scarves knitted by fans (and me) plus some fun ephemera.

This site will forever be a work in progress as new or better information becomes available. Your suggestions, corrections and questions are always welcome so please email me.

The licensed scarf replica by Lovarzi is now back in stock! They kindly sent me a sample last year. It is garter stitch and a pretty close rendition of the pattern. The colors are generally brighter than the real thing, but it's a great collectible. Click the graphic below to order one directly from Lovarzi.

Another licensed scarf is also being manufactured by Elope (found at Hot Topic and many places online). It's not garter stitch, but has pretty good colors. Brown has been omitted (only 6 colors).

The patterns presented on this site are considered the intellectual property of BBC Worldwide Ltd. The Doctor Who brand is a trademark of the BBC. No infringement is intended or implied.

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